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Uzbekistan new 100,000-som note (B222a) reported for introduction on 22.12.2021

December 24, 2021

According to a press release, the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan plans to introduce a new 100,000-som note on 22 December 2021.

Yellow, orange, green, pink, and brown. Front: Uzbek text; minaret of Ichan Qal’a museum as registration device; Ichan Qal’a museum in Khiva, Khorezm; caravan routes on map of Uzbekistan; coat of arms. Back: Uzbek text; Angkaqal’a Archeologiya Yodgorligi fortress in Khorezm; SPARK Live element; 1st-century BC silver coin; 10th-century pottery from Khorezm; minaret of Ichan Qal’a museum as registration device. 4-mm wide yellow windowed security thread with demetalized UZB. Watermark: Camel and eletrotype 100000. Printer: (Uzbekistan). 152 x 69 mm. Paper.

100000 Sum 100000 Sum

Original source: www.banknotenews.com.

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