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Kazakhstan 10,000-tenge commemorative notes to be issued 4 July 2011

May 23, 2011

In the second quarter of 2010, the board of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan adopted at its meetings 34 resolutions, including one “On emission of an anniversary banknote of KZT 10,000 (ten thousand) [US$67.85] denomination devoted to the 20th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.” No more details are available at this time, but the former Soviet state gained its independence in December 1991, which would make 2011 its 20th anniversary.

This Kazakh article posted on 16 March 2011 shows images of the commemorative notes and states the notes will be issued 4 July 2011. It appears the notes use DLR’s Optiks thread, and the bird at left front may be a SPARK feature. I can’t identify the band at left front, but it is probably some new security stripe; Kazakhstan has a history of introducing new security features on its commemorative notes.

10000 tengių 10000 tengių

Original source: www.banknotenews.com.

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